What to expect

Arrive as you are,

keep your home a mess,

hangout .

dress normal and feral. keep it cozy

plan meals for while I'm there,

prepare your favorite activities,

get ready for loud photos,

and quiet photos,

talk soon pal ol' buddy

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hey, I'm Kaylee

Spokane photographer, friend

I'm a dad joke loving fool, who snorts when she laughs, and trips a lot. Even though I am not good at spelling or math, I am good at being unapologetically myself. Loud and proud and ready to make people laugh. Growing up in Spokane, I found my passion at a young age. taking every opportunity to do family photography. Soon after becoming a mother, I found motherhood photography to be even more intriguing. Asking everyone willing to stand in front of my camera. Finally I decided it was time to make my passion into a job. Hang up the stalker hat and have people find me.

If there's only one line you read in this little blurb let it be this one.. Above all, I am an artist first, a creepy stalker second, and a business woman third.

Can't wait to trip up your stairs while telling your story. Please have dad jokes ready.

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pause time with me

best family photographer in Spokane

What is Documentary photography?

Documentary photography is built on some core principles of photojournalism. It is expected that nothing is moved or touched in the scene, the subjects are not directed, the light not altered.

With no room to manipulate the scene before me, I am left to tell the story as it is. I am free to focus on the moments unfolding before me, and support it with light and physical elements within my frame. All these components – the moment, the light, the composition – they come together to tell your story with depth. 

How does Documentary photography work within the framework of family photography? Along with the funny, joy filled moments, it means your gallery could also reflect frustration, pain, or vulnerability. Everything I capture is real. I believe every moment is deserving of that. Despite the subject matter it is all beautiful.

Your family home doesn't have to be "picture perfect." It isn't about how it looks, it's more about the freedom to document what is happening without manipulating your environment. That includes items that may be considered as clutter in a lifestyle image, we will include your mess in the frame with intent because they add to your story that is being told.

Spokane Washington Photographer

Makayla Risinger

Family Photo

Kaylee was super fun and personable! This was my first photo shoot ever and she sat and talked with me and made me feel so comfortable, I was worried it or I would be awkward and she was very reassuring and made me feel beautiful and very empowered! I appreciate her time and have since recommended her to friends who are looking for maternity photographers themselves.
Thank you Kaylee ❣️