making art.

Documenting your true form.

I know... the most awkward part of business.

Lets talk about my prices. for more info on this head over to my pricing page.

My families pay about $500. The sessions will be anywhere from 90minutes to 4 hours. However long I think we need to fully document your story. Together we will plan your session to best fit your families true form. Usually this is at your home, the place you are the most. We will get to know each other through calls, or texts, and a questionnaire leading up to your session. This will allow us to create a richer art for your photo journal. Every session requires a non-refundable retainer of $150 to hold your date.

I do not hold space for smiling at the camera, sitting in the field photos. While I appreciate that art, I do not feel called to it . The photos we will make together will reflect your family life, quiet snuggles, chaotic playing, blurry photos, eating, drinking, dancing. Nothing you do is boring, every family has their own beautiful rhythm. Let's be friends, I want to make you into art.

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