a collaborative year long


Im not your normal mentor. I won’t just give you all the answers. Entering a mentor/mentee relationship with me is more of a collaboration, a journey. I will be guiding you with my knowledge while you are doing the work to find what you want.

comprehensive for beginners, to 2 years of experience.

What makes ME a great mentor?

After 3 years of owning my business and 10 years of practicing my craft. I have knowledge to share and build.

I'm changing the rules. All of the mentorships in the greater area include a quick "kit" to get you started. The problem is that photography is a learning JOURNEY. A constant craft you improve. On top of that, a "kit" gives you the impression that your mentor is an EXPERT. Nobody is an expert, photographers are constantly evolving.

What I want from this experience with you is the opportunity to grow, create a long lasting, trusting relationship, and exercise my photography mind with you, for you.

I am here to share my knowledge, guide, and learn along side you.

I will teach you with personalized exercises, timelines, and shadowing. We are working together to build you up, so this will be completely customized for YOUR needs.

Our Process

aka your first "homework"

Our Process

aka your first "homework"


I want you to think about what YOU want, and need. Do you maybe need to learn how to take a better photo? Maybe you need help with storytelling, editing, business structures or you are lost on what makes a good photo. Make a list of set goals for yourself.

We will enter this journey by meeting face to face. Let’s see if our visions are right on mark with YOUR expectations.


Set up a video chat, or coffee date.

Let's be besties, talk about our lives, and go over the contact form you submitted. I want to know if our minds align.


You signed up. We swap phone numbers, we schedule shadow experiences, and plan our year.

Welcome to the fam babe! I'm happy you're here.



You will be getting a completely personalized experience, but prices will not vary.

Somethings I will promise are:

Coffee dates: so we can talk about your progress, answer questions, and Talk about business structures, and/or editing help. Coffee Dates are completely customizable to your goals.

Shadow experiences: a great way to learn prompting, composure, and camera settings. We will do as many as we need. You shadow me, then I will shadow you.

Constant communication via txt, or calls!

Exercises/ photo projects with guidance


*FLEXIBLE payment plans available*

*Every session requires $150 down as a non refundable retainer, at booking. The rest will be split into small payments depending on the date you book and the date the session is.*

Fill out this contact form to start your learning journey!

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