Spokane Photographer, Family Photographers, PNW Photographer, Family Photographer in CDA

Will you change your editing?

Short answer. No. If you have a different editing preference you can contact me and I can guide you to a different photographer.

I only want a few photos.

I unfortunately only offer full sessions with large galleries.

If you don't have time for having a photographer by your side for 2-6 hours, I do offer smaller more frequent times. Please refer to the mini package on my family page.

Do you mentor?

YES! My program is new, but I am currently accepting 2 students a year. Feel free to reach out to see if my program is best for you.

Can you travel to me?

I WANT to travel to you! Travel fees are dependent on your location. I will travel 50 miles free, and after that I create a fee that includes my time, air fair/ gas, hotel.

Have you ever traveled for photos?

I HAVE! I only do about 2 travels a year so I can be home with my little loves more often, I would LOVE to travel for you.

Do you do extended family?

I offer extended family sessions. But I do not offer the smile-at-the-camera photos.

You can expect your extended family all sitting around the island at grandmas, or playin in the yard together.

Do you offer weddings?

I offer elopement documentary. Please inquire to learn more.