as your photojournalist, i strive to capture

the everyday moments in your home or a place you are most comfortable.

I'm not your normal photographer, I don't create those perfect moments. I want to sit with you during your day and capture how It feels to be apart of your family. Whether you're bringing a newborn home, or want to snuggle your little love babies on the couch while you tell a story. I want to capture the love, and big storms.

You wont be posed, but you won't be siting randomly in front of my camera wondering what to do with your arms. You'll be making lunch for your kids, or coffee with your significant other. You could be hanging out in a hammock or on the ground reading a book or doing the dishes.

Each story is unique, handcrafted, and emotive...

Of course we don't have to be at your house. But be prepared to give me your favorite thing to do, or favorite place to go. To make this photo journal meaningful, I want you to pick a place or activity that's meaningful to your family.

Maybe that will look like a park you guys have picnics at every weekend, or maybe you love to grocery shop, roller skate, watch movies, hike, or go to the library.

anything simple, and true to you.

a collaboration between the artist and family.

a Glimpse

a Glimpse

In your home documenting a rich emotion, texture, and distinct truth that your story embodies.

90 Minutes
60+ High Quality Images

$540 + TAX

Not so Black and White

Not so Black and White

An all black and white gallery
90 minutes
60+ High quality images

$400+ TAX

*Every session requires $150 down as a non refundable retainer, at booking. The rest will be split into small payments depending on the date you book and the date the session is.*