Spokane Photography Mentor

a collaboration

unlike other mentoring programs, I won’t just give you the answers. We will take this year long journey together to help you build a foundation of problem solving, storytelling, and business building skills.

What makes me a great mentor?

After 4 years of owning my business and 10 years of practicing my craft, I have knowledge to share with you.

I started photography when I was just a wee 5th grader with a little digital camera. I have evolved, with education, my own mentors, and lots of practice.

I'm a mother, my children are my muse and what I photograph the most. I juggle motherhood, and business owning and do it without sacrifice. Turning boundaries into strong relationships, is a skill I constantly am getting better at.

Photography is a learning journey. A constant craft you improve. Sitting down in front of you and giving you all my answers will not give you the skills you need to create soulful stories, and a sustainable business.

I'm removing the "expert syndrome" from  mentorships. I am here to share my knowledge, guide, and learn along side you. Nobody is an expert, photographers are constantly evolving.

The word "mentor" comes from the Greek, and literature in Ancient Greece. in Homer's epic, The Odyssey

Odysseus was away from home fighting and journeying for 20 years. So during that time his son was left as a babe in arms, and he grew up under the supervision of someone named Mentor, capital M, which was an old entrusted friend, so he got to learn from that mentor when his father was not around. And that's why today the word is used for a positive guiding influence in another person's life.

What makes a good mentee...

a mentee can and should push back with ideas and allow a mentor to push back and question. To be willing to embrace what a mentor says but also hold fast to things that they would really like to explore.

together we can thrive


//Virtual or In-person meetings
a good time for feedback

putting together shoots so I can see you in action first hand.

//Constant Communication
you'll always have questions, and problems needing to be solved. Texting is for real time problem solving.

//Personalized Curriculum
we build this together, so we can get the most out of our year together

//10% discount on KBP workshops, or shootouts

*Payment plans available*

Start your journey

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"Participating in a mentorship with Kaylee was truly such an incredible game changer for me and my business! From the start working with Kaylee felt like a collaboration - she was wholly invested in ensuring that this experience was entirely focused on what I wanted to learn. Kaylee was incredibly generous with her time and availability. Being able to message her before or after a shoot or whenever I ran into something tricky instead of waiting for a formal meet up was SO impactful! She gave me a lot of guidance on how to approach different situations and scaffolded her help in such a way that the solutions I came up with felt entirely my own. I really felt like Kaylee was as invested in seeing me reach my goals as I was. While I learned so much over the course of a year with Kaylee I think that the greatest gift was actually being able to feel my self-confidence as a photographer and business owner grow. If you’re looking for a way to build your skills in a really intentional and collaborative way then I whole heartedly recommend a mentorship with Kaylee."

Our process

Our process

Step 1

First, I want you to think about what YOU want, and need. Do you maybe need to learn how to take a better photo? Maybe you need help with storytelling, editing, business structures or you are lost on what makes a good photo. Make a list of set goals for yourself.

Step 2

Set up our first coffee date. Here we will get to know each other, and talk about your strengths, places you'd like to improve, and together make a curriculum you would like to implement through this next year.

Step 3

We will continue our relationship via texts, calls, meetings, and shoots. Giving feedback to improve and change the curriculum constantly.