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I am Kaylee Bliss

unapologetically living,
raising feral boys
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Newborn photos but make it sweet, simple, and a little messy.

Spokane Newborn Photographer

My goal is to capture beautiful in-between moments that make your story so special

Newborn photography located in spokane, and surrounding areas.

Getting newborn photos done vs. living in the moment with a photographer present. Two very different things.

Being 3 months postpartum, I just had my own newborn photos taken. Understand that stress. We had scheduled the newborn session in the morning. Last minute, we had a chance to be squeezed in to a well child check up, so bright and early I woke up with my newborn, and drove into Spokane. I called my husband before the session, on my way home, to please make sure the house was cleaned up.

I gave him a check list:

Get the dishes put away, but if there is a few that's ok.

Put our two oldest boys in neutral undies and a whatever t-shirt they want.

leave the little shoes out,

brush the kids teeth and clip their nails

wipe off the table

make our bed

When I got home I immediatly brushed my teeth again, and through some curls into my greasy hair.

My outfit was undies, and my favorite tank top. I answered the door in my underwear, I think it helped to be naked right away instead of awkwardly stripping in front of my photographer pal. I wanted raw photos. Our photographer came and all the stress melted away. We had coffee, snacks, and just soaked in the fleeting newborn moments.

(tearing up writing this)

I am so grateful for those photos. That tiny person who swam in newborn clothes is now stretching out a 6-9 month onsie. He doesn't fit into a ball on my chest anymore, he takes up most of my tummy now.

Those quiet moments are louder now.

I miss it.

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Kyla Turnbough

My family and I have had our photos taken by Kaylee multiple times and she never fails to amaze me. Kaylee is kind and compassionate all the while making sure you get the absolute most out of your time with her. Kaylee will make you genuinely smile and keep your babies happy too. Her turn around time for getting your photos back to you is quick but yet they look amazing. Please consider getting photos with Kaylee. You most definitely will not regret it.

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