Spokane is filled with beautiful locations

Get to know the area through my eyes.


Riverside State Park

no, not the bowl and pitcher. Not the bridge. While beautiful, you aren't going to have any privacy. Bowl and pitcher is so packed. Instead, find a place in riverside state park. Drive up hills, try to find bike trails, and places by the river.

Sun goes away early when your lower in the woods by the river, so make sure to get your photos taken around 1-2 hours earlier than you normally would.


The Spokane House on Mount Spokane

This is a big drive, and will likely result in a travel fee by your photographer. The veiws are impossible to beat. This location is only ope during the hot Spokane summers. The lifts are closed and make for great lines and depth in your photos. Even if you aren't getting photos done, take your friends up for a picnic to watch the sunset.


Garland St.

Specifically the garland theater in Spokane would be such a fun location to shoot your maternity shoot. If you're looking for a fun creative shoot, go during a non-movie time of day and take some shots with your flash. Let your belly hang out and eat some popcorn with your feet up!


Downtown Spokane

Follow Macklemore and go downtown, hit thrift stores, get on a cobble stone street, and drink coffee at the rocket bakery. cozy up for fall with layers, textures or make it fun with bare feet, belly out, hair up and ice cream in hand for the summer. Never a dull moment Downtown. make sure to arrive soon enough before sunset. The buildings like to steal our light.



The place you talk about your dreams. Dreams for each other, dreams for the baby.

Maternity photos are for soaking in the last few moments you have left as a couple, or trio. soaking in the last moments before the next season begins.