Who am I?

Since I can remember I have had a camera in my hand. Capturing my friends moments, learning how to use different cameras, getting artistic with stories or doing street photography when I traveled to Paris, Guatemala, and Germany. I can confidentially say I was born to be a photographer.

After my second baby I decided to make an instagram and see who else would let me take their photos. I guess after that it turned into a business. Practicing my craft even more I noticed that the photo aspect was only a small part. My camera is merely a tool I use to capture a story. The stories I was capturing were not my doing at all. I didn't create the story, I documented them.

As I learn more about photojournalism I realize this has been my goal all along. My goal has always been to capture the real. It's starting to look a little different and be more clear through my art.

As YOUR photographer, I strive to capture you. Your mess, your beauty, and just you being unapologetically you. It is my goal to document your true story. Not the perfect version of it.

I'm a mother, and wife. I learn new things every day about myself from my children. I clean rarely, but enough when my mental health allows. I have fears that my babies will get hurt, or bullied, or anything else my intrusive thoughts can cook up. I enjoy hiking, learning new skills ( hobby collector here), and camping with my family.

The first thing that would hold me back from hiring myself would be my house- "things aren't perfectly clean"-"my walls need a fresh coat of paint" - "our routines aren't special enough to document.."

If your having those thoughts too, just remember that these super normal days, the very boring days WILL be different. Babies get bigger, kids turn into teenagers, and teenagers will move out in 5 years. Life is so fast, so let's forget about the perfect versions of ourselves and capture the messy, mundane days.


Kaylee Bliss

Your family, and birth photographer.

My husband and I

Our little family